7 Ridiculous Modes That Made Games Weirder, Better

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Noggin on heaven's door

We all love a gritty, realistic adventure where everyone's head is the normal size. But these ridiculous alternative modes are just the ticket to mix things up, transforming our fave games with the power of whimsy, physics and gigantic heads. Consider these times we enjoyed our favourite games with a side order of silly, and it was delicious.

If when playing GTA 5 you alternate between 10 minutes of serious, in-character mission progress and 10 minutes of aimless violent rampage, for instance, then the cheat to activate the explosive melee attacks mode is the very thing.

This converts your usual melee manoeuvres into ridiculous superpowered kicks and punches, that explode on impact, like you're wearing dynamite knuckle dusters.

A regular game of Shovel Knight was similarly a lot of fun, but one made infinitely weirder, and therefore infinitely better, by the inclusion of Butt Mode, which is as ludicrous as it sounds.

By entering your name as a specific secret code, Butt Mode is unlocked, which changes several key words to the word butt. These words include "magic", "health", "shovel", and "knight", which, as you can imagine in a fantasy game about a guy called Shovel Knight, crop up quite a lot.

And cast your minds back if you will, early millennials and older, to the 1990s, when bigger was always better. It was the decade of the McDonald's triple double burger, gigantic cell phones, and the big head mode.

The thought of making your characters' heads massive was apparently a big draw in the 1990s, with such games as NBA Jam, Tekken 2, Banjo Kazooie and Spyro the Dragon all featuring a big head mode. Our favourite, however, has to be the one in Goldeneye on the N64.

Playing the game with this mode enabled boosted the size of everyone's bonce by a good 400 percent, which somewhat hampered James Bond's whole suave, sophisticated deal by turning him into a souvenir bobblehead of himself with weird long arms and tiny legs.

It also makes the game way easier, as pretty much everything is a headshot, because how are you going to miss a target like that?

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