Mike Killsteals Hitman Elusive Target The Badboy, is Shameless

Published 2 years ago by Jane Douglas

Take it or cleave it

Hitman Elusive Target 24 is The Badboy: a tripcore artist hiding out on a movie set in the Italian seaside town of Sapienza while on the run from the authorities. Who will be lethally tackled by the target's security? Who will try to cram an entourage member in the portable toilet? Who will split the badboy's skull with a cleaver? Watch and learn.

In the Hitman Xbox One gameplay above, Hitman Elusive Target 24 takes place in the Sapienza bonus mission level The Icon, which brings an Iron Man-looking movie set to the streets of Sapienza after dark.

While the actor-director throws his weight around outside, we find the target chilling out in a local gelateria, playing Kane and Lynch 2.

The real key to success in Hitman's one-attempt-only Elusive Targets, it turns out, is being the third person to have a go, in which you refine and iterate on the assassination plans of the previous two players, stealing the kill and taking the credit. Not that we're bitter, Mike.

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