Superman is Still a Super Jerk in Injustice 2

Published 11 months ago by Mike Channell

Hero we go again

Superhero fighting game sequel Injustice 2 is here and Superman is still being a super jerk. It's like he can't let go of that time when the Joker made him kill his wife and unborn child, which then triggered a nuke that destroyed Metropolis and killed millions more innocent civilians. Pretty melodramatic, I think you'll agree. So how about we head into story mode and kick him directly in his superbutt?

Injustice: Gods Among Us had a storyline that was better than most recent DC Comics movies. Injustice 2 maintains that trend, adding uncannily convincing facial animations to the mix. We cant get over just how much personality comes through in Harley Quinn's face, for example.

Other things we can't get over include: how anyone could doubt that Bruce Wayne is Batman, how Kryptonians can't build escape pods with two seats, and how anyone survives Batman's supposedly non-lethal super move. Plenty to ponder, certainly.

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