7 Good Guys Who Became Bad Guys, Much Cooler

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

Who's bad?

Time and again, games have taught us that going over to the dark side comes with plenty of advantages. Chief among these is that villains are much cooler and better dressed than boring, do-gooder heroes. Consider the evidence: these good guys who turned bad and became much, much cooler in the process.

Take Ryu from Street Fighter, for example. In the early days of the Street Fighter series, if you picked Ryu in Street Fighter you'd face more boos than Mario in a ghost house because, let's face it, Ryu is boring.

Ryu was the vanilla option, the safe choice. Pretty balanced, with easy moves, he's a karate man who does karate, in his karate suit. They may as well have called him Karate. In a game with teleporting yogis, flamenco dancing wolverine bullfighters and Russian bear wrestlers, you've got to work harder than that to stand out.

That all changed from Street Fighter Alpha 2 onwards, however, when we finally got to see Ryu's dark side. That's when we were introduced to Evil Ryu, a variation of the character possessed by the satsui no hado, the evil force that lets Akuma do all his awesome Akuma stuff.

In this form, Ryu has glowing red eyes, fangs, a red aura around his body and, more recently, an awesome glowing hole in his chest. Evil Ryu can even do the Raging Demon, the coolest Ultra Combo in the whole Street Fighter series. Say what you like about Evil Ryu, you can't say he's boring. And if you did he'd mess you up.

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