Show of the Week: Get Even and 5 Times Reality Went on Vacation

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

Is this the real life?

In reality-bending thriller Get Even you play an amnesiac inmate in a dilapidated asylum with no knowledge of who he is or what he has done. So you try to piece together your past in a place where you can't trust what you see. That's not the only time reality has taken a vacation in videogames, though, as we discover later in the show.

Recall Scarecrow's final trick in Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which the entire game appeared to crash and kick you back to the opening sequence.

If they'd wanted to spare our sanity, they might have made their fake crash look a little less like the symptoms of the red ring of death. We were already on our third Xbox 360 by that point.

Even Scarecrow's trick is not as scary as “Nowhere”: a twisted version of reality to which Harry travels towards the end of Silent Hill.

This alternate world combines elements from the School and Hospital from Silent Hill, but rearranged to ensure that any prior knowledge of the layout is now completely useless. What's more, the in-game map you've been relying on throughout the game no longer functions.

It turns out “Nowhere” is actually a manifestation of creepy horror girl Alessa Gillespie's memories of the town from her horrible, tortured childhood.

Just think, if Alessa's mother Dahlia Gillespie hadn't been a deranged, abusive member of cult The Order, this could have a manifestation of ice cream parlours and funfairs.

Get Even comes out on release date 23 June 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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