7 Furious 'Heroes' Who Have Less Chill Than a Busted Fridge

Published 9 months ago by Jane Douglas

What's my rage again

For certain game heroes, there's always something going on to damage their calm. Maybe they've been deceived by ancient gods, stepped to by street gangs, or had their house blown up by the army. Just ponder these furious heroes who have less chill than a busted refrigerator.

Asura of Asura's Wrath fame, for instance, is channeling sufficient rage to punch a planet-sized demigod so hard in the fingertip that he explodes.

Speaking of angry punching, God of War Kratos is powered by a core of vengeful fury so white hot he pummels the supposedly immortal Greek boss god Zeus into a bloody sludge.

Then there's iconically miffed superhero The Incredible Hulk, whose strength is proportional to how cross he is. Knowing that, the army, why would you blow up his house with an RPG, when you should have run him a bubble bath with candles and soothing music?

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