Show of the Week: Shadow of War and the 5 Worst LOTR Games We Can't Forget

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

Bad hobbit

Middle Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to sleeper hit Shadow of Mordor, that once again sees you play as a ranger called Talion who has the soul of legendary elf lord Celebrimbor living inside him. If early impressions are correct, it's shaping up to be very good. This breaks with the tradition of faintly rubbish Tolkien games, as we find out later in the show.

Take the 1982 ZX Spectrum game Shadowfax, for example. Shadowfax was a game in which you are as a 2D Gandalf andride Shadowfax while flinging lightning bolts at advancing ringwraiths. That's literally it.

There's no way to win, either, so you just play until you are overwhelmed by Nazgul and die, which also makes this the bleakest Lord of the Rings game of all time.

Then there's 2010's The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, which was an attempt to create a family-friendly Lord of the Rings game, by populating it with colourful cartoon versions of the characters, toning down the violence, and making it suck.

The game is presented as Samwise Gamgee telling a bedtime story to his children, presumably a bedtime story that involved a lot of him saying "and then Aragorn fought 50 identical orcs, again". Still, it probably did a great job of getting them off to sleep.

Shadow of War comes out on release date 10 October 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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