Sea of Thieves vs Skull and Bones: 5 Ways the Pirate Games Stack Up Against Each Other

Published 10 months ago by Andy Farrant

Same ship, different day

If you saw Ubisoft's E3 press conference you were probably delighted to see them announce a new pirate-themed multiplayer game called Skull and Bones. Unless you work for Rare, the studio developing a new pirate-themed multiplayer game called Sea of Thieves. Awkward. But though these are both multiplayer pirate games, just how similar are they really? Join us for a look at how the two games stack up against each other in five key areas.

The most immediately obvious difference between the two games is the tone. Sea of Thieves is a going for a fun, silly vibe - it's a game where you replenish your health by eating bananas and, if you want to, you can get drunk on grog and fall in the ocean.

Skull and Bones, meanwhile is a lot darker in tone - it's set in the Indian Ocean of 1721, and takes a more realistic approach to the pirating you'll be doing in the game.

Added to that, the game's look is a lot more realistic, with some incredible detail on the ships, and some beautiful looking corners of the west indies for you to wreck up with your cannons.

Sea of Thieves is a lot more about exploration. Following treasure maps, seeking out overheard legends or just going where the wind takes you, Sea of Thieves is about sailing places, going ashore and exploring, while trying not to be killed by angry skeletons.

This isn't the case in Skull and Bones. As far as we can tell, there's no out-of-ship gameplay whatsoever, and while you are playing in an open world, it's only the ocean part that you'll be able to explore. I mean, might be for the best, what with all those skellies around on dry land, I guess.

Sea of Thieves is out on Xbox One and PC in early 2018. Skull and Bones is out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Fall 2018. Previously on Outside Xbox: 7 Dumb Pirate Myths You Won't Find in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

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