Strange Brigade Has Your Zombie Mummy Co-op Shooter Action Right Here

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Embalmed and dangerous

Co-op shooter Strange Brigade reveals itself in gameplay in which we blast waves of zombie mummies, solve a few light puzzles, and flee the occasional giant mummified bull monster. Take a watch of this new Strange Brigade gameplay from E3 2017 and see how I get on against wave after wave of the embalmed undead.

The co-op zombie shooter sub-genre was far from invented by Strange Brigade, and it feels very much lik a spiritual sequel to developer Rebellion's earlier Zombie Army Trilogy game, Strange Brigade's Indiana Jones-esque setting and mummy-like monsters make it feel fresher than the usual co-op zombie fodder.

The Strange Brigade gameplay above was captured on the PC version of the game supplied by the publisher. There's no release date yet for Strange Brigade; you'll know when we know.

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