5 Reasons to Care About Monster Hunter At Last

Published 9 months ago by Andy Farrant

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Monster Hunter might be the biggest game series you've never played. The action RPG franchise has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, but never really found the success in the West it enjoyed in Japan. That's set to change with the release of Monster Hunter World, coming to Xbox One and PS4 early next year. If you're a fan of the series then you're already looking forward to it; if you aren't, here are five reasons you should care about Monster Hunter, at last.

Monster Hunter World marks the first time a Monster Hunter game hasn't been on a Nintendo console since 2009. The most popular games in the series came out on the PSP and 3DS, and while they were excellent games, the consoles lacked the technical clout that'll be provided by Xbox One for Monster Hunter World.

The result of that extra power is that Monster Hunter World looks beautiful, with lush environments, incredible-looking creatures, and a much larger, open game world, with no loading screens between zones on the map.

Monster Hunter World also includes four player co-op. Co-op is drop in, drop-out, and if you're having trouble taking down a particular monster you can send up a signal flare to call other players to your assistance.

Monster Hunter World is also taking the World part of that title seriously as a global simultaneous release and cross-region online play means that Japanese and Western players can play together for the first time in a Monster Hunter game, which is great, because I sincerely doubt I'm going to be able to take any of the monsters they've shown so far down on my own. Little help?

Monster Hunter World is coming to Xbox One and PS4 in early 2018, with a PC version to follow some time after that. Previously on Outside Xbox: Let's Play Evolve: All Hunter Classes.

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