7 Horror Bathrooms in Need of Serious CSI

Published A year ago by Jane Douglas

Cistern shock

What kind of world do we live in, when it's rarer to find a clean, intact bathroom than it is to find one full of death traps, murderous thugs, vengeful ghosts, and the bloody mess that comes with those things I said? Consider these videogame restrooms in immediate need of a crime scene investigation team, and you tell us.

Besides being ripe for forensic analysis and more haunted by its past than Hugo Boss, the bathroom in Silent Hills teaser PT is hugely inconvenient. For one thing, it seems like it's always occupied, even when you're the only one in the house.

When you do finally get in, it's clear the place hasn't seen a toilet brush this side of the year 2000 and was at some point the scene of a grisly murder. Said murder is being audibly reenacted regularly enough to disturb your morning shower.

The corporate setting of FEAR 2: Project Origin, on the other hand, makes for a plethora of multi-stall corporate bathrooms, each more sanity-shredding than the last. Nearly every cubicle is occupied by someone who may have led a rich, full life but who will forever be known as Dave who died on the toilet.

Even if you think you can just dash in and use the urinals, fellas, you will be stepping over corpses to get to them, so try not to slip on all that blood. Or be murdered by the vengeful spirit of a powerful psychic. Or shot in cold blood by heartless Armacham soldiers. In fact, maybe try holding it until you can get to the nearest Starbucks?

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