Show of the Week: The Evil Within 2 and 5 Questions It Needs to Answer

Published 9 months ago by Andy Farrant

Evil dread

The recently announced Evil Within 2 continues the story of the first game, which revolved around STEM: a system that allowed people to enter a network of linked minds. Our first question is why people would want to, as it appears to be all rivers of blood and barbed wire zombies. We have other questions as well though, as you'll discover later in the show. Beware spoilers for the original Evil Within.

Our follow-up questions include: what happened to Ruvik, the bad guy in the first Evil Within? If you finished that game, you may remember how you stamped his brain into a grey mush. Yet there are some heavy hints towards the end of the game that he's managed to install his consciousness in the body of straight-jacketed oddball Leslie.

What's going on then? Is Ruvik still alive? If so, what's he up to now? Evil stuff? It's probably evil stuff, isn't it.

Furthermore, according to returning character Juli Kidman, the host of the new STEM world in which Sebastian finds himself is none other than his daughter Lily, who we were lead to believe died in a house fire.

We know what a world shaped by Ruvik's subconscious looks like, but what can we expect from a world shaped by the mind of a child? If you were hoping for something a bit more PG-rated, then you're out of luck, if the trailers so far are anything to judge by.

The Evil Within 2 is out on Friday the 13th of October, officially the spookiest date there is. Previously on Outside Xbox: Juli Kidman's Terrible Day Continues in The Evil Within DLC The Consequence

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