Civil War Makes Jerks of Us All in Red Dead Redemption

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

But especially Abraham Reyes

Marston Monday returns! We continue our adventures south of the border, flitting between helping out the Mexican army and helping the rebels as the mood takes us. This week we're on the side of the rebellion as we ride to the aid of Luisa, who needs her jerk boyfriend and revolutionary leader Abraham Reyes rescued from an army firing squad. By the end of the episode, we wish we'd have left him there.

After I lost my Red Dead Redemption saves, we resolved to reclaim my 100 percent complete status by replaying my favourite game of the last generation - whetting our appetite for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in Spring 2018, into the bargain.

When we ask people who didn't finish Red Dead Redemption at what point they stopped playing, usually the answer is 'Mexico', and if we had to warrant a guess, we'd say it's this point in Mexico, because this is the part of the game at which pretty much everyone is awful, and John just goes along with things like a human shrug in a cowboy hat.

Still, there is fun to be had along the way and it won't be long before Javier Escuella and Bill Willamson are in our grasp, and we can head back to Tall Trees and go bear hunting or something.

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