Beyond Good and Evil 2: 8 Things You Need To Know

Published 9 months ago by Mike Channell

Going ape

Could this be the most ambitious game ever? Beyond Good and Evil 2 promises gameplay that stretches from the sci-fi interiors of buildings all the way to the stars. Here are the eight things you absolutely need to know about this extremely intriguing game.

Surprising everyone with the announcement that it's a prequel, rather than the sequel everyone was expecting, Beyond Good and Evil 2 promises to flesh out the world from the 2003 cult classic on the sort of scale you'd expect from No Man's Sky or Elite Dangerous.

Jade might not be returning as the playable hero, but instead you'll create your own space pirate character and recruit a merry crew of hybrid weirdos to man your very own starship. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is dripping with potential, let's hope it can deliver.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has no firm release date. Previously on Outside Xbox: 5 Times Games Got Space Really, Really Right

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