7 Times Amnesia Made You Forget Your Own Darkest Secret

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Recall me maybe

Many a hero has a past so chequered only a convenient spot of memory loss can hide their darkest secret from you, the player, while keeping them, the protagonist, from spending a whole game wracked with guilt. Remember, if you can, these times amnesia made you forget your terrible deeds until, ooh, act three or thereabouts.

According to Ribot's Law of retrograde amnesia, amnesiacs are more likely to lose recent memories while holding on to much older ones. This hypothesis is borne out by our case studies above, though it can't explain how those recent memories are always restored at the exact moment of maximum dramatic impact.

Furthermore, it can't account for their diverse and exciting array of causes of amnesia, which include memory loss elixirs, Jedi mind tricks and interdimensional travel. Nice one, medical science.

Spoilers abound in the footage above, so proceed with caution if you've not yet completed the games name-checked at the start of the video.

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