Show of the Week: Far Cry 5 and 5 Fishing Mini Games Better Than Actual Fishing

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

Mullet over

Hope County in Montana is the setting for Far Cry 5, and it might once have been a relaxing vacation spot, but thanks to doomsday cult Eden's Gate and their psychotic leader Father Joseph Seed, things have taken a turn for the murdery. At least you can still go fishing and, as we find out later in the show, fishing in videogames is infinitely better than fishing in real life.

I mean, have you ever been fishing? You have to sit still for ages and touch worms and even if you win, all you win is an angry fish with a hook in its mouth. That's why fishing in videogames, like you can do in Far Cry 5 for instance, is so much more fun and so much less gross.

When you go fishing in the real world, to elaborate still further, you have to dress up in gear that's unflattering and unfashionable like rubber fishing trousers. The ones that have the boots attached, you know what I mean.

In Final Fantasy 15's Monster of the Deep VR experience, on the other hand, Noctis and his fabulous royal entourage go angling in the finest of designer threads. Score one for videogames.

Even better is the fishing in Nier Automata because, unlike in regular fishing, you have a tiny hovering robot that does all the hard work for you. Like a roomba, but it's cleaning up the ocean floor.

Forget struggling with rods, and tackle and bait and hooks. Just stand near the body of water you want to fish, send your Pod in, and then sit back and wait for the fish to come rolling in. When our fishing technology has advanced to that point, then I might be interested.

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