We Don't Know Who We're Here To Kill in Hitman Elusive Target 25

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Your face or mine?

Hitman's 25th Elusive Target is The Fugitive, an internationally wanted criminal who has booked into the Gama facility in Hokkaido, Japan for facial reconstructive surgery. That's going to make identifying him tricky, what with the new face and all, but Diana is on the case and will be feeding us info as we go.

That's not much info, it turns out, but we do discover that our target has booked in for rhinoplasty. Cue half an hour of examining everyone's noses until we discover our prey, bandaged nose and all.

Stick around for Jane's Hitman dilemma: will she go for the Mike method and screwdriver the target in the head in front of several witnesses? Or play it the Andy way and patiently wait for a stealthier option? Take a guess.

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