We Test How Long We'd Survive a Horror Movie in Friday the 13th: The Game

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Unhappy camping

In this Friday the 13th gameplay on Xbox One, we are teen counselors stalked by supernatural serial killer Jason Voorhees, striving to repair a car and escape Jason's hunting ground. Who will find the car keys? Who will survive? Who will be sacrificed as Jason bait? Watch and see, why not.

When not playing the part of a panicky camp counselor, I take a turn at being Jason himself, menacing Mike and Andy with Jason's bat-like sonar, powers of teleportation and mighty grabbing arms, so that's fun.

Friday the 13th, out now on Xbox One, PC and PS4, has a proximity-based voice chat system in which you can hear other players if they are close to you on the in-game map. All the voice chat in the first match in the gameplay footage above is via the proximity-based in-game system.

For the second and third matches, for the purposes of this video, Outside Xbox is in a party with voice chat - except for when Jane plays as Jason, when only Mike and Andy are in voice chat together, so as not to give away their position (the lodge) and cunning schemes (run away).

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