8 Times Stealth Made Us Want to Eat Our Own Hands

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Hide and sneak

When stealth is done right, it's a gratifying test of your skill and focus. When stealth is done wrong, it's more irritating than a mosquito in your room at 3AM asking to borrow a tenner. Bear with us while we vent about the stealth sections that boiled our blood.

Remember the stealth section in GTA San Andreas where you had to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book for aspiring rapper OG Loc, using not stolen cars and RPGs, but stealth?

Madd Dogg is clearly somewhat paranoid, as his house is full of guards patrolling such tactically important locations as his swimming pool and bar.

Through hard work and the power of self belief, CJ overcomes the fact that GTA San Andreas is in no way built to handle stealth to heroically stab this entire private security force to death, so that a mediocre rapper can learn that place rhymes with face.

Or how about that stealth section in Aliens: Colonial Marines, where the Xenomorph variant dubbed the Boiler comes shambling at you unless you hold perfectly still?

And who could forget the stealthy bit in Life in Strange, in which Max is whisked off to a nightmarish landscape of dark corridors, stalked by her least favourite people? We always knew hell would be a forced stealth section.

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