Show of the Week: Dead by Daylight and 5 Eldritch Abominations You Don't Want to Work For

Published 8 months ago by Jane Douglas

Horror-ble bosses

In Dead by Daylight one player is a supernatural serial killer while four others are regular chumps trying to not get murdered in a series of arcane trials. In these trials, the killer must sacrifice victims to the mysterious trans-dimensional Entity for which they work. That's just one of the eldritch abominations you don't want to wind up as your manager, as Show of the Week discovers.

The killers of Dead by Daylight do their butchery in service of the being known as The Entity, an evil presence that can only manifest itself in the physical world through various horrifying acts, a bit like Britain's Got Talent.

It can't do that on its own so it recruits Dead by Daylight's killers to its cause, who hang their victims on sacrificial meathooks so they can be consumed by the Entity. Try telling that boss you won't meet your quarterly blood sacrifice target.

That's to say nothing of Alan Wake's writing coach Dark Presence, Bloodborne's inscrutable Great Ones and the Ancients of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. Think twice before sending your resume to any of these ancient beings of unknowable power and uncertain motives.

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