We Stumble Into Obvious Betrayal in Red Dead Redemption

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

Mexico no they didn't

It's Marston Monday and we're still in Mexico in Red Dead Redemption. Our patience for John's tolerance of the army is starting to wear thin, what with Coronel Allende kidnapping a bunch more women and cackling about how he's going to kill their families. On the plus side, Allende says he's captured Williamson and Escuella for us and has them tied up in a church in Chuparosa. Watch on to discover if that is the trap it most definitely sounds like.

After I lost my Red Dead Redemption saves, we resolved to reclaim my 100 percent complete status by replaying my favourite game of the last generation - whetting our appetite for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in Spring 2018, into the bargain.

Allende's incredibly telegraphed betrayal at least means we no longer have to do missions for the jerk army, and can dedicate ourselves to the important work of the rebellion. This important work also happens to be rad as hell, as we find in today's final mission, in which we bury a load of dynamite and use it to blow up an army convoy.

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