Scissor Rampage Seems Like Overreaction in Hitman Contract

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Shear lunacy

Hitman's Contracts mode is a list of missions designed by other Hitman players. In this particular contract, our hit is on behalf of a hairdresser fed up with a group of people playing music loudly during what they describe disapprovingly as "weed parties", because this hairdresser is apparently also my mother. To send a message, they want 47 to murder the group using scissors, which seems like a bit of an overreaction, but hey, it's their money.

Though wiping out a group of stoners might seem like it isn't making the most of 47's elite hitman abilities, it turns out the trickiest part of this contract is actually finding the scissors we need to complete it. This is because Marrakech, where the action takes place, seems to be an entirely scissor-free zone. How are you cutting hair in this scissorless city, hairdresser, answer me that.

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