Friday the 13th The Game: Mike Returns for Bloody Revenge

Published 10 months ago by Jane Douglas

Now we're stalking

Jason returns! We're back in Friday the 13th and Mike has a shot at his bloody revenge as supernatural serial murderer Jason in this Xbox One gameplay. Who will get put on a coathook? Who will get trapped in his own trap? And where the hell are the car keys? Watch and see.

Friday the 13th, out now on Xbox One, PC and PS4, has a proximity-based voice chat system in which you can hear other players if they are close to you on the in-game map.

In the Friday the 13th: The Game gameplay above, for the purposes of this video, Outside Xbox is in a party with voice chat - except for when Mike plays as Jason, when only Andy and I are in voice chat together, so we can secretly discuss our plan to look endlessly in drawers for the fricking car keys.

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