Show of the Week: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and 5 Most Delicious Other Chicken Dinners

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

A poultry reward

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is like Battle Royale: The Game, dropping 100 players from a plane into an open world then seeing who survives the longest. Among its many attractive features are a shrinking map that forces players closer together, driveable vehicles, and the phrase 'winner winner chicken dinner', which is sadly just a figure of speech and not a genuine hot meal. There are plenty of other actual delicious chicken dinners in games, at least, as we discover later in the show.

These actual chicken dinners include the floor chicken found throughout Final Fight. Say what you like about the Mad Gear gang and their reign of terror across Metro City in Final Fight, somewhere in their midst there's clearly a talented sous chef just waiting for his big break so he can give up his life of crime.

How else do you explain the fact that, as you punch, kick and piledrive your way through a small army of troubled teens, you keep coming across beautifully prepared chickens, roasted to perfection, just lying around on the floor?

Even more appetising is Final Fantasy XV's paella de pollo, a chicken and rice dish whipped up by suave chef Ignis that is made from the leg of a chickatrice, which is a kind of terrifying giant battle chicken.

Sure, you've got to actually kill a chickatrice in the first place if you want to get your paella on, but at least you'll work up an appetite, what with all the panicky running and dying you'll be doing.

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