Red Dead Redemption: We Catch Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella, At Last

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

Kill Bill

After all the gatling gun train missions down in old Mexico, we finally catch up to our old gang mates Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella. Will we show mercy or shoot them in the crotch as many times as our current dead eye level will allow? Watch and find out!

On discovering I lost my Red Dead Redemption saves, we resolved to reclaim my 100 percent complete status by replaying my favourite game of the last generation - whetting our appetite for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in Spring 2018, into the bargain.

What with being given the run around so many times during our stay in Mexico, we are genuinely taken aback when we turn up to yet another gun battle to discover that Javier Escuella actually properly is inside, where the person giving us the mission said he would be.

Imagine our shock straight after that to find that Bill Williamson is also where we thought he was, with Coronel Allende, who owes us some restitution for betraying us last time.

With these two lowlifes out of commission, be sure to come on back next time as we head back to America, and to the relative refinement of fancy cowboy town Blackwater, as well as the bears and mountains of new area Tall Trees.

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