The 7 Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Who Were Fired After One Game

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

One fight only

Once a fighting game character makes their debut, they usually stick around in that fighting game series. But some characters prove to be so weird, unpopular or tangled up in licensing issues that they make one appearance and are never seen again. Here are seven of our favourite one-shot fighting game characters who were never invited back for round two.

Olcadan is a fighter who mysteriously hasn't appeared in any Soul games except for Soulcalibur III. Then again, maybe it's not that much of a mystery, because he has an owl head and looks ridiculous.

This character is a master of every fighting style in the game, but it's a bit hard to take him seriously because he has a giant owl head and is weirdly adorable.

Looking elsewhere, we find Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes included some of the most impressive characters from both companies' halls of fame, including such legendary fighters as Akuma, Captain America, Spider-Man, Morrigan and Wolverine.

It also, for some reason, included Amingo: a sort of fat cactus man dressed like a fratboy on Cinco de Mayo.

This rotund cactus fighter failed to light the public's imagination on fire, shocker, and so Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was Amingo's only appearance in the MvC series.

He did show up in a cameo on a poster in the Days of Future Past version of the Metro City stage, in which it's revealed that he died, off camera, at some point. Also they spelled his name wrong. This is also known as "the full Poochie treatment", and is considered a checkmate.

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