Show of the Week: Destiny 2 Beta and the 5 Most Mysterious Space Spheres (That Are So Mysterious)

Published 8 months ago by Andy Farrant

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The Destiny 2 beta is live RIGHT NOW, giving future guardians a look at Bungie's much anticipated sequel ahead of its September release date. In it, you can jump into a game of multiplayer, take on a strike mission, and play the first few story missions, in which we discover what is happening to The Traveler, the massive orb that is the latest in a proud videogame tradition of mysterious space spheres, as we discover later in the show.

Destiny 2's story revolves around The Cabal, an evil band of space-jerks who think The Traveler made a mistake giving humanity the Light, and who start trying to correct that mistake by blowing up the Tower and sticking a massive ominous looking device on the Traveler which robs the Guardians of much of their power.

Come on, guys, videogames are full of other mysterious space spheres. Maybe just try one of those instead. Mike's got a nice list you can pick from if you stick around.

The Destiny 2 beta is live now until 23 July 2017 on Xbox One and PS4, with a PC beta to come in August. Destiny 2 comes out on release date 8 September 2017, on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.Previously on Outside Xbox: Jane and Luke Play Destiny 2 Co-op Strike, Have Dance-Off.

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