8 Bizarre Origin Stories of Famous Videogame Characters

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Gotta go past

Backstories are an important part of a character, giving you a deeper knowledge of their past that helps you understand their motivation and actions. Sometimes, however, all videogame character backstories tell us is that videogame backstories can be really weird. Here are 8 of our favourites.

Sonic the Hedgehog has had several origin stories over the years, but our favourite, and the one that does the best, and most bizarre job of explaining the backstory of Sonic and his arch nemesis Dr Robotnik is the one from the Sonic the Comic story "The Origin of Sonic".

In this story, Sonic starts out as a regular, brown, albeit super-fast hedgehog and Dr. Ivo Robotnik is a friendly scientist named Ovi Kintobor, which, yes, is Robotnik spelled backwards.

Due to a series of unlikely events which involve breaking the sound barrier and having an egg-related accident with some lab equipment, Sonic becomes the blue hedgehog we all know and are disappointed by today, and Kintobor becomes his rotund adversary Dr. Robotnik/Eggman.

It's as good a reason as any for a hedgehog to be blue, I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to find out why that fox has two tails.

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