Wait For the Drop in Hitman Contract Danse Macabre

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Drop it like it's hot

Hitman's Contracts mode is a list of missions designed by other Hitman players. In this particular contract, we have to off three targets in Sapienza, in accident kills with a falling object, while dressed as a Renaissance plague doctor. Not the most subtle of contracts, but a lot of fun, as you'll find out if you watch this video.

While the contract states that the targets have to be killed with falling objects, it doesn't say that the targets need to be conscious when this happens. Cue some creative hitmanning as we knock our targets out, drag them into position, and then drop things on them from great heights.

Sure, Diana probably won't approve, but when she starts doing missions herself, then she can tell us how best to drop things on people's heads.

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