7 Times Forced Stealth Made You Rage: Commenter Edition

Published 7 months ago by Jane Douglas

Killing me softly

We recently did some griping about the times stealth made us tear our hair out and post it to the developers. Judging from the YouTube comments on that video, several of you share our depilatory frustration over a number of sections of dodgy stealth in yet more well-meaning videogames. Because we love your comments and sharing is caring, here are the times forced stealth drove you furthest up the wall.

The game recommended more than any other in the comments section for the stealth wall of shame was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Which is a very fine game, we think you'll agree, but one whose ship stealth missions can absolutely do one.

These were the bits where you had to somehow quietly evade detection while commanding a huge pirate ship full of pirates who, under more ideal circumstances, would be singing a sea shanty as loudly as possible.

Similarly unpopular were the sneaky bits in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which include one where you elude boss monster Agreus by not stepping on any rustly piles of dead leaves, tiptoeing meekly around piles of tree garbage instead of kicking shirtlessly through them like a sexy bad boy vampire.

No less aggravating was the infiltration of Fort Vaullerey in Final Fantasy XV, in which you and Ignis must stalk a baddie through an ill-advised and insta-fail stealth section while Prompto and Gladio are off having a fine old time creating a diversion. Stick to devising recipes and not infiltration plots, Ignis mate.

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