Show of the Week: Agents of Mayhem and the 5 Least Secret Secret Agents

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Saints be praised

Agents of Mayhem is the new game from Saints Row developer Volition, and stars a cast of agents causing a great deal of mayhem, hence the name. You might think that causing loads of noisy chaos would be detrimental to a career as a secret agent but then they're all doing it in videogames, as you will find later in the show.

For example, secret agent Polyblank from 60s spy themed comedy game Jazzpunk leaves a trail of chaos and destruction everywhere he goes.

Somehow his supposedly covert missions involve stealing artificial kidneys from cowboys, murdering a pig with a ukelele and photocopying his rear end.

Or there are the G-Men from Psychonauts, who appear in the level The Milkman Conspiracy, set in the mind of a paranoid security guard and populated almost entirely by these sinister government spies.

Of course, they'd like you to believe that it's actually populated by road crew workers, hedge trimmers and grieving widows, but they're not what you'd call skilled in the art of disguise, as their loud claims to not be spies attest.

Agents of Mayhem comes out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on release date August 15 in North American and August 18 in Europe. Previously on Outside Xbox: Let's Play Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Co-op

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