We Exterminate the Exterminators in Hitman Contract Animal Rights Project

Published A year ago by Andy Farrant

Bugged out

Hitman's Contracts mode is a list of missions designed by other Hitman players. In this particular contract, we've been hired by an animal rights activist who wants us to take out a big game hunter from a distance, with a rifle, an ironic kill that echoes the way he kills his animal victims. Because our client loves all animals, large and small, they also want us to kill the two exterminators working to deal with the hotel's bug problem. See how we get on in this Hitman gameplay.

Despite the first kill being an ironic rifle-based assassination, our client just wants the exterminators stabbed to death, indicating that they possibly lost interest halfway through phoning it in.

Still, it means Mike, our designated assassin for this contract, can throw screwdrivers at them from across the room, so that works out for us.

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