8 Most Brutally Difficult Game Modes That You Will Never Finish

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Hard target

Some games take the whole 'overcoming adversity' thing and crank it so hard the dial falls off, creating brutally difficult game modes that only the seriously skilful or wilfully masochistic would want to take on. Here are eight of the hardest modes that we will never, ever attempt, let alone finish.

These merciless modes include The Evil Within's top difficulty setting. We thought The Evil Within was pretty difficult, which is why we were somewhat taken aback to discover that there are two whole levels above the game's regular Survival difficulty: namely Nightmare and Akumu.

As you may have guessed from the name, Nightmare is no walk in the barbed-wire covered park. Akumu, on the other hand, is Japanese for Nightmare and is even harder than that, in that if you take so much as a single hit from anything, you die instantly.

Even less forgiving is Doom's Ultra Nightmare mode, which is so difficult that no one who actually worked on the game could complete it.

The premise of Ultra Nightmare is simple: you take regular Nightmare mode which is, as the name implies, an absolute nightmare, then apply permadeath to it - so the second you die, you're booted back to the start of the game and your save is erased.

No saving means you've got to do it all in one sitting, or at least hope you can leave your console paused and not have someone switch over to Netflix while you're in the bathroom.

What's the hardest game mode you've ever completed? Let us know in the comments!

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