We Start a Disgusting New Life as a Slime Rancher in Slime Rancher

Published 7 months ago by Jane Douglas

Lost the plort

In Slime Rancher on Xbox One (free this month in Xbox's Games with Gold scheme) you play a slime-wrangling slime rancher, capturing slimes for your up-and-coming slime farm. A slime is a kind of space hopper that eats and poops.

Your primary farming implement in Slime Rancher is your Vacpack: a farming gun that sucks up slimes, slime food and slime by-products (plorts), then shoots those same items wherever you aim them.

Your slime rancher farming business is based on selling these plorts for cash. Who is buying plorts? Why are they buying them? Do we want to even know? Answers in the comments, if you'd be so kind.

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