Monster Hunter World Gameplay: Hunter Becomes the Hunted, Then The Hunter Again

Published 6 months ago by Andy Farrant

Hunter pressure

After a hearty meal of glazed meats, Luke and I venture out to hunt monsters in Monster Hunter World, the first game in the popular series to arrive on Xbox. Stick around as we track and fight the iguana-like Great Jagras and formidable brute wyvern the Anjanath in this Monster Hunter World gameplay.

Hunting monsters is made a bit easier in Monster Hunter World thanks to the addition of scout flies, a swarm of glowing insects who act as a sort of mobile waypoint for you. Each clue you discover about the monster you're after, from footprints to residual mucus, gives the scout flies more information to work with as they lead you to your prey's lair.

Once you've located your monster, it's time to wail on them with your chosen weapon. On our first outing, we opt for a pair of fearsome hatchets, but on the second hunt we plump for a gunlance: a devastating combination of firearm and big pokey sword that is as cool to look at as it is tricky to use.

At least, that's our excuse for why we get our monster-hunting butt handed to us by the Anjanath in our first encounter. We hope our palico didn't see.

Monster Hunter World comes out in 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The Monster Hunter World gameplay footage above was captured on the PS4 version of the game supplied by publisher Capcom.

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