Captain Andy Sets Sail For Adventure in Sea of Thieves Gameplay

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Sea for yourself

Rare's open world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves is best played with a full crew of friends, so that's why I recruited helmsman Westaway and bosun Ellen from Outside Xtra to help with this Sea of Thieves gameplay fresh from the show floor at Gamescom 2017. Join us for treasure, bad skeletons and us almost sinking when we crash the boat into the island we're aiming for. Yo ho!

Setting a course for adventure from Plunder Outpost, our ship, the Terrible Steven, ends up on Snake Island, which should really be renamed Undead Skeleton Island, as we saw way more of those than we did snakes.

Still, the island is rich in booty, that we would have had a much easier time getting back to port if another pirate ship hadn't turned up and decided they wanted our treasure for themselves.

Will the crew of the good ship Terrible Steven make it back to port with their booty intact, in all senses of that phrase? Watch on to find out!

Sea of Thieves comes out in 2018 on Xbox One and PC. Previously on Outside Xbox: Sea of Thieves vs Skull and Bones: 5 Ways the Pirate Games Stack Up Against Each Other.

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