7 Things You Need to Know About Star Wars Battlefront 2 Space Battles

Published 6 months ago by Mike Channell

Vacuum packed

After the almighty fuss when space battles were missing from the original Battlefront's initial release, DICE has a giant, space battle-shaped apology for you in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Behold the newly updated space battles in this gameplay.

New additions to space battles include multi-stage objectives, the ability to customise your ship to tailor it to your chosen play style and the opportunity to play as dashing, honourable space pilot Poe Dameron or the cheaty, overpowered Darth Maul. Can you tell which side of the galactic conflict we were playing on?

Space battles seem a much more fleshed out mode than Fighter Squadron was in the original Star Wars Battlefront and we reckon we'll be spending some serious time playing it this time around.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 comes out on release date 17 November 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It'll also have Xbox One X and PS4 Pro modes for those with the requisite hardware.

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