8 Infuriating Side Quests You're Never Going to Finish

Published 6 months ago by Andy Farrant

Side mission impossible

A good sidequest gives you a break from the main game, doing something fun or interesting. Other sidequests, however, decided what players really wanted was optional activities so tedious or time-consuming that we took the optional part seriously and opted to never finish them. Here are eight of our least favourite.

Take the side mission to collect feathers side mission in Assassin's Creed 2. Head back to Ezio's villa in Monteriggioni and you'll discover that Ezio's mum Maria is super keen for you to fill a box in her bedroom with loose bird bits, apparently because that's what her late son Petruccio was doing before he died.

She wants you to find and bring her 100 of these filthy, probably disease-carrying feathers. These are scattered across the entire game in dangerously precarious spots, where at any point you could slip off a ledge and die.

Maria, what are you doing that needs 100 feathers? Is it building a new son out of feathers? Because if it is that, that's weird.

Or how about the Riddler trophies from the Batman Arkham series? These trophies are meant to prove The Riddler's intellectual superiority over Batman, but at best they prove that he has so little going on in his life that he has the time to plant these things all over the city. At worst, they actually lead Batman to his location and get him arrested.

This hobby of Riddler's reached its nadir in Batman Arkham City, in which there were 440 Riddler trophies scattered around the map.

I argue it's a much better revenge on the Riddler for you to just completely ignore his stupid, time-consuming sidequest, and you just go off and do cool Batman stuff instead.

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