Show of the Week: Life is Strange Before the Storm and 5 Teen Girl Heroes Who Are #lifegoals

Published 5 months ago by Jane Douglas

Amber alert

Life is Strange prequel mini-series Life is Strange: Before the Storm is underway, starring a younger Chloe Price and heretofore mysterious cool girl Rachel Amber. What do we get instead of Max Caulfield and time travel powers in Life is Strange: Before the Storm? Watch and learn.

Elsewhere in Show of the Week, we salute the other heroic teenage girls who, like Rachel Amber to Chloe Price in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, inspire us to greatness.

If you are shopping around for a badass role model who is brimful of moxie, and we know you are, you could do a lot worse than youthful overachiever Rebecca Chambers of Resident Evil 0 fame, Borderlands' orphan demolitions expert Tiny Tina, or 15-year-old hacker Barbara Gordon off of Batman: Arkham Origins.

Teenage Barbara Gordon has a photographic memory, computer skills she didn't pick up in a GCSE IT lesson, and is fluent in hacker speak to the point where she can say "cool pwnbox" with a straight face.

Not only that, Arkham Origins' teenage Babs helps Batman illegally hack the National Criminal Database in the same way you'd help your Grandad get into his Hotmail account. Inspiring stuff.

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