We Return to Our Improvised Red Dead Redemption Drinking Challenge

Published 7 months ago by Andy Farrant

Whisky a no no

Back in Red Dead Redemption's Blackwater, the net is closing on Dutch Van Der Linde, mostly thanks to his habit of standing in the middle of the street late at night shouting at people's windows. Before we take down Dutch, though, there's the little matter of our uncompleted drunksmanship challenge.

On discovering I lost my Red Dead Redemption saves, we resolved to reclaim my 100 percent complete status by replaying my favourite game of the last generation - whetting our appetite for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in Spring 2018, into the bargain.

The drunksmanship challenge, as you'll remember from the first time we attempted it back in episode 5, involves us downing five shots of whisky, then attempting to climb a set of stairs, a feat made tricky by John Marston's super realistic drunk physics in which all his limbs move in different directions at once.

Also in this episode, we stumble across a conclave of animals who are clearly up to something. Could this be the start of the animal uprising? Only time will tell.

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