We Play Dungeons and Dragons! The Oxventure Begins in Episode 1

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

Roll with it

Videogames are great, but did you know about this whole genre of games that don't require any electronics, instead determining outcomes with dice rolls? Us neither. So, with the help of Eurogamer's resident tabletop games expert Johnny Chiodini, we learned more about the rich, imagination-powered world of Dungeons and Dragons. Behold as we set out on an adventure that involves a clumsy pirate, a talking chicken and, somehow, The Vengabus. Please enjoy.

In this first episode we meet the party: a ragtag group of adventurers brought together by their desire to make a quick buck.

Jane is Prudence, a Tiefling Warlock with the hots for Cthulhu; Luke is Dob, a half-Orc Bard armed with the soothing lullabies of the Venga Boys; and Ellen is Merilwen, a Wood Elf Druid with an affinity for nature and chatting with animals.

As for me, I'm dread pirate Corazon de Leon, a Human Rogue who has always been a fearsome pirate, why wouldn't he have been, there's no secret backstory here, stop asking.

We hope you enjoy this, our first foray into tabletop gaming. The second episode of Dungeons and Dragons action is coming next week on Outside Xtra, so hop on over there and subscribe for our continuing adventures.

Dungeons and Dragons is out now for tables everywhere.

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