6 Ways Games Tricked You Into Thinking You're Awesome

Published 6 months ago by Jane Douglas

Ruse of engagement

On the surface, a videogame is a bunch of pixels doing what they're told by a bunch of rules. Go beneath the surface though and among those rules you'll find some additional secret rules snuck in there to make your experience more fun. Game designer Jennifer Scheurle recently asked other games people on Twitter to share the crafty mechanics like these hidden inside games, and those devs went and spilled the tea. Just consider these sneaky ways games trick you into thinking you're more awesome.

Assassin's Creed, for instance, values the last shred of health in your health bar more highly than the rest, making it count for more than all the other shreds.

The result is that when it looks like you're at death's door, bravely fighting for your life, you're actually fine for another few hits. This in turn creates more dramatic, last-second comeback moments in which turn you the tide of battle with 'zero' health.

Bioshock, on the other hand, slips in a little trick that keeps you from being 'unfairly' ambushed by the denizens of the Lost City of Ayn Randis.

To ensure you don't get shot in the back by an attacker you hadn't quite clocked, Bioshock does you a solid and makes sure an enemy's first volley misses you.

Their chosen projectiles sail past, you feel like a lucky damn hero, and then you whip around to blast them with your own bolts and bullets. We can only assume it's their rotting party masks mucking up their aim.

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