New Powers In Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Include Noclip Mode, Face Suck

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

Your face or mine

Death of the Outsider is a standalone Dishonored 2 DLC in which Dishonored 2's Billie Lurk and Knife of Dunwall's Daud team up to kill the mysterious, godlike Outsider. In this early mission, we're after a twin bladed knife to stab him with, but first, we need to stop by a tattoo parlour and get some ink.

Billie has some new powers that should come in handy, considering that we're trying to kill a god, and all. There's Displace, which allows her to teleport to a marker, Foresight, a supernatural noclip mode which lets you scout ahead of your position and mark enemies, and Semblance, in which you suck an unsuspecting person's face off and wear it as your own, Arya Stark style. See if you can guess which one Jane's favourite is.

Death of the Outsider is out now. Previously on Outside Xbox: Show of the Week: Dishonored Death of the Outsider and 5 Reckless Misuses of Supernatural Power.

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