We Explore Unwelcoming Town Hall in New The Evil Within 2 Gameplay

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

Night mayor

It's almost time for The Evil Within 2, the survival horror sequel set to put the 'scared' into 'I am scared of the Evil Within 2'. In this Evil Within 2 gameplay from the game's fifth chapter, Luke and I set out to explore a town hall that is less full of city administrators and more full of terrifying camera monsters and challenging photography.

The current state of the town hall is on account of it being home to photographer turned serial killer turned brainscape architect Stefano Valentini, the game's new nemesis.

Stefano has an idiosyncratic way of making you appreciate his art in that he writes "APPRECIATE THE ART" on the walls in blood, then runs at you with a knife. Artists, eh?

The Evil Within 2 comes out on release date 13 October 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The Evil Within 2 gameplay footage in the video above was taken from the PC version of The Evil Within 2 supplied by the games' publisher.

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