8 Times a Game Screwed You on Purpose, You Swear: Commenter Edition

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

The cheat is on

Videogames are supposed to challenge and amuse you, not get their kicks from screwing you over. In a recent video we recalled the times we could swear a game sneakily stacked the odds against us so it could see us fail, and in the comments of that video many of you submitted your own similarly suspect scenarios. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

These sneaky screw-yous from games include the gym leaders in Pokemon games. You expect gym leaders to be good at Pokemon battles, sure, but these poke-pros are suspiciously good, if you get my meaning.

It seems that no matter what your strategy is going in, it's always countered by the gym leader's clever counter strategy of absolutely nailing you with critical hits, then using a full restore just as it looks like you might be in with a chance of winning.

At least Left 4 Dead is upfront about it, on account of how the game has a so-called AI director whose sole responsibility is to dynamically choreograph your co-op zombie apocalypse experience, or in layman's terms: screw with you.

In the Parish level in Left 4 Dead 2, for example, much of the cemetery layout can be adjusted on the fly, and if you and your three survivor mates have been having a good day, the AI director is empowered to change the layout to make you take the long way through these tombs.

This means it'll take longer to get through the cemetery, and we all know the longer you spend outside of a nice cosy safe room, the greater the odds you'll be swarmed by a zombified cemetery tour group.

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