7 'Non-Lethal' Takedowns That Definitely Killed People

Published 4 months ago by Andy Farrant

Pacifist of rage

Some videogames offer non-lethal alternative methods to take out your foes. Just don't look too closely at these supposedly murder-free options, because it soon becomes apparent a lot are at least as deadly as the lethal method you've been trying to avoid. Here are the times we took the non-lethal option with probably fatal consequences.

Dishonored, for example, lets you eliminate religious zealot High Overseer Campbell without killing him by instead branding him on his face with a red hot iron. This brand causes him to be thrown out of the Overseers and shunned by society, at which point he contracts the definitely fatal Rat Plague. Loophole?

And don't get us started on Hitman's Agent 47, who keeps hiding unconscious bodies in sealed, operational chest freezers where they will either freeze, suffocate or freeze and then suffocate.

Good for making human sized popsicles, less good for keeping the rest of the population of the level alive, 47.

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