Show of the Week: The Evil Within 2 and the 5 Worst Artists in Videogames

Published 5 months ago by Andy Farrant

Paint misbehavin'

Horror sequel The Evil Within 2 is out today, and sees series protagonist Sebastian Castellanos thrust back into the STEM brain matrix, which is now under the control of a twisted photographer by the name of Stefano Valentini. Typical videogame artist - they're always up to something weird, as we find later in the show.

Fallout 4's Pickman, by way of example, creates his artworks using paint that contains a secret ingredient: raider blood. This really gives him a depth of colour you don't get from the store bought pigments, I expect is his justification.

Vivid though his colours might be, his work lacks the bombast of Bioshock's Sander Cohen, whose various works include "Splicers Coated in Plaster", and "Pianist Gets Blown Up With Dynamite". Inspiring stuff.

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