Hitman Contract: We Kill Rocco But on Purpose This Time

Published 2 years ago by Andy Farrant

Rocco's modern death

Long-time viewers of our Hitman videos will recognise Rocco, the hapless, pantsless kitchen assistant late for his first day at work in the Sapienza mansion. He's our target in this latest Hitman contract, but we've got to kill him with a falling object. This should prove tricky. Will we manage it? Watch and find out.

Rocco features so often in Sapienza missions due to his brand new uniform and security keycard, which offers you your easiest route into Silvio Caruso's mission-critical mansion.

As such, poor Rocco is constantly getting shot, knocked out or bundled over balconies despite having nothing to do with weaponised viruses or pharmaceutical espionage.

At least this time we're are actually supposed to be killing Rocco. No hard feelings about the other 150 times, eh?

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