Shadow of War: We Lose the One Ring to Sauron in Embarrassing Flashback

Published 6 months ago by Jane Douglas

Battle of the band

In episode two from the opening chapters of Shadow of War, we become a non-spectral Celebrimbor for an important flashback, ride Caragors, bombard Siege Beasts and get back on the trail of Minas Ithil's elusive Palantir. For this plus more Tolkien lore than you or Mike can handle, point your face at this Shadow of War gameplay.

The game's Shadows of the Past side missions whisk you back in time to when Celebrimbor was a flesh-and-blood elf prince instead of Talion's ghostly hanger-on.

In the first of those missions, as seen in the footage above, we take Celebrimbor into battle against the forces of uber-baddie Sauron. It's all going well until the One Ring slips off Celebrimbor's finger and right onto Sauron's which, oops, that's embarrassing. Here's hoping it doesn't have monumental repercussions for all of Middle-earth in the ages to come.

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