Show of the Week: WWE 2K18 and the 5 Spookiest Wrestlers to Dress Up as for Halloween

Published 6 months ago by Andy Farrant

Wrestling with demons

WWE 2K18 is out this week, bringing an updated roster, expanded career mode and eight-man battle royales that are as chaotic as they are confusing. But if you're struggling for inspiration for Halloween, it's also packed with spooky wrestlers whose ring gear would make for great costumes, as Mike teaches us later in the show.

The spooky wrestlers most suitable for Halloween dress-up include The Undertaker, one of the most enduring characters in wrestling, which is impressive considering how his character is an undead wizard.

With the Undertaker having had such a long career, has's had plenty of iterations to choose from for your party get-up.

There's the original Old West mortician look, or the Satanic Ministry of Darkness get up, but I think we can all agree that the Undertaker was at his scariest in the year 2000, when he used to come out to Limp Bizkit. Chilling.

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